Full Movie | Nakkhul | Purush Vijayakumar | Milana Vijayakumar. is a 2017 Tamil-language fantasy film directed by Vijaykumar, starring Nakul and Ashna Zaveri in the leading roles. Featuring music composed by Siddharth Vipin and cinematography by Dipak Kumar Padhy, the film was released on December 15 to negative reviews from critics. Directed by P. S. Vijayakumar Produced by Milana Karthikeyan Written by P. S. Vijayakumar Starring Nakul,Ashna Zaveri,Neetu Chandra Music by Siddharth Vipin Cinematography Dipak Kumar Padhy Edited by V. J. Sabu Joseph Production company Ganesh Dream Factory Release date 15 December 2017 Country India Language Tamil

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